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I have never smoked, and I find the habit repulsive. I do however support this campaign.

Publicans should have the right to choose whether or not to allow their customers to smoke.

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Blue Shark TV
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For those of you on the look out for more internet TV, Blue Shark TV is here.

The site is the project of Alex Crowley, Caroline Hunt and Andrew Young.

I wish them good luck with it.

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Who knows what they’ll tax next?
Filed under: Netroots – serf @ 4:14 pm has launched their anti tax advert, which was produced together with The Taxpayers Alliance.

It can be watched here.

The idea of creating high quality campaign adverts and distributing them via the internet is a very good one. I wish them good luck.

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Bloggers Petition
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In a move designed to pre-empt any legislation, UK Daily Pundit has launched a petition.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to ensure that bloggers remain free to comment on government policy, ministerial decisions, political correctness, Islamic extremists, the weather and anything else that takes our fancy, without fear of censorship.

Go along and sign it.

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The Home Office – An Obituary
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If you wish to have a laugh at John Reid’s expense, take a look at this.

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Gordon in India
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So it seems Gordon is a fan of Gandhi.

Gordon Spinning

I wish he would renounce worldly possessions.

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Voice of the Listener & Viewer
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I came across this organisation, after reading a connected news story.

Voice of the Listener & Viewer’s aims are to:

* Safeguard the quality, diversity and editorial integrity of broadcast programmes
* Promote wider choice of high quality programmes
* Fight undue influence over broadcasting by commercial, political, sectarian or other interests
* Raise awareness of the crucial role that broadcasting plays in our democracy and in our national and community life and culture

As such it seems to be a pro BBC pressure group.

This reinforces that view:

VLV is taking a leading role in lobbying for an adequate BBC Licence Fee settlement.

Adequate in my view would be £0, but hey its a free country.

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Cause of Inflation
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This is the official reason for high inflation according to Tony Blair.

Prime Minister Tony Blair said higher oil prices had driven inflation, and forecast CPI would fall to 2% in 2007.

The problem is its just not true, take a look at this graph.

Graph of Brent Prices

You see prices went up in the middle of 2006 and down again toward the end of the year. So the impact on inflation for the last twelve months should be about nothing.

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MEP Watch
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In preparation for the upcoming Conservative MEP selection process, whenever that will be, there is a new site to help voters make their decisions.

Welcome to our newly launched campaign site. MEP WATCH is a party political campaign aimed at bringing further accountability and higher levels of democratic practice to the Conservative party’s European Parliamentary candidate selection process.

Its a very good project, and one that I can support wholeheartedly. Majority of Conservative Party members are at least mildly Eurosceptic, whilst most of the MEPs are quislings. Maybe this will help to right the balance.

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