Secrets of Professional SEO Content Writers

SEO is a crucial component of digital marketing as it helps to build the websites and help them rank better at search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. There are two types of SEO strategies – the black hat SEO and the white hat SEO. The black hat uses several illicit methods which are not encouraged by search engines and can get the site banned. On the other side, white hat SEO uses the techniques of creating quality content for the readers.

Being regular in posting articles on your site is the easiest way to attract more traffic and get the attention of SEO. This will not only improve you conversion rates but will also increase your brand value on the search engines. Creating content does not mean dumping poor quality excessive content and expecting people to come running. Only when you build your website the right way, the search engine will give recognition to your site. Here are 5 Secrets of SEO Content Writes that they do not want to share with you.


Keyword research is essential

You cannot start writing an article without knowing the keywords for it. SEO writers take time to research keywords related to their topic. These keywords are the most searched words or phrases by users on the search engine. Knowing which keywords are helping you get more target will help you in writing the content that readers demand and will read.

Write about what people want to read

Your topic can be unique and beyond earth, but you can only do SEO when you are writing something that will interest the readers. If you want to write articles that are only useful to you, like a personal diary, then SEO is not for you. You will only get views on such blogs when you become popular to some level that people want to read your personal blogs. Otherwise, the key is simple. You only need to answer people’s questions, and the traffic will come automatically.

Make long enough content to make it count

Spamming your site with 100 words articles, it will only add more size to your site and will not bring any results. The search engines pay attention to blogs and articles that have articles of at least 1000 words or more. There more content a single article can provide the better chances it will have to get recognized by search engines. Google prefers longer answers to the questions that people generally ask.

Using the analytics tools

analytics toolsYou cannot simply leave your content on your website and walk away. It is important to check the progress of your blog at least once in a week to find out if you are going in the right direction. There are several tools which provide analytics and monitoring of different aspects of your website and the market. You also need to know the different terms used in SEO. If a site is found to have a high bounce rate, it means that users are not staying on the site for long. The reason can be slow loading of the site or poor content. Knowing the problem can help in fixing it.

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